Unique Ways To Show Them You Care

Our family members and friends pass many important milestones that we wish to be a part of. Even on a busy day, as most of our days usually are, in the midst of all the other demands of life (especially at work) you should make an effort to send them your thoughts and let them know that you care about them.

Flowers are the go to gift on such an occasions. You also have the option of taking it a step further by wishing them in a more unique way. Here are some out of the box ideas to a classic well wish.Bouquet of balloons

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, why not send a bouquet of balloons. They are a colourful and fun alternative to sending flowers. You can get balloons with different messages printed on them that fit the special occasion. Hire a balloon delivery service to deliver the balloons to your friend’s place of work. A bunch of balloons hanging over your friend’s desk is a gift that would definitely stand out and gather a lot of attention for its recipient. If they are the type that would enjoy such attention it will also undoubtedly make them feel very special.

Singing Telegrams

Another way of sending a special wish is by surprising your friend a singing telegram. Once you give the team your message, which can be a unique rhyme or a message picked from their available options, a group of singers will go to where ever your friend is and sing them that message. This, again, is most suitable for your friends who like being in the centre of attention, as a singing telegram will without a doubt draw quite a bit of it. It’s also a great way of sending a loud memorable wish to a dear friend who deserves a lot of love on their special day.

Edible gifts

Instead of a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not send a bouquet of cookies shaped like flowers? An edible gift is another idea of something you can send along to convey your well wishes to a friend. This would be the perfect thing to send that friend who is a foodie (and who isn’t?). An edible gift basket does not need to contain cookies. It can contain chocolates, muffins, or an assortment of different types of goodies. If you’re sending it to their place of work just make sure your friend has a few extra treats to share with his or her friends as well.