The Most Important Thing To Remember When Storing Away Your Beloved Furniture

The thing about owning furniture is that there will always be a few pieces that start to matter more to you; most of the times these fittings are the ones you have memories with. For example, the bed you and your spouse bought first or the study desk that you had ever since you were a child. The fittings are not just ‘furniture’ to you, they are more. You could even say that they are family and you would be right. So when you have to store them away, you would want to ensure that they are properly stored so that they can never be harmed. You might even spend a lot of money trying to do this and you are not wrong. However there is something you need to remember when storing your equipment away and this is very important but often overlooked.

Keep Space between your furniture.

This is most often the thing that many people do not do especially when they are the ones storing the fittings. If they give their furniture to well reputed furniture storage companies Dubai then this would be taken care of as they would always ensure that there is space between fittings. However when people try to store their fittings by themselves they try to squeeze in as much fittings as possible. So if you also do this then it is high time you stop. This is one of the most terrible things you can do to the fittings you love.

When sorting out furniture storage, it might seem wise to store furniture very close to one another as you can store more furniture in a limited space however this would obstruct adequate ventilation. Furniture needs to breathe. Well. Kind of. When there is not enough ventilation, your beloved bed and study desk would start to smell musty. The old smell that you would generally associate with abandoned houses, antique fittings and your great grand aunt would cling to your beloved furniture. This is not something anyone would want and certainly not you.

This is not the only problem you would face when you store things a bit too tight. You could accidentally chip your fittings when trying to remove it from storage unit. This is something that happens so often to fittings that is not stored properly. If there are too many things in the place, when you are trying to remove one thing, you would have to move a lot of things. If you do not move everything else properly you could actually damage the fittings you adore. Just imagine if a few bowling balls fell from ten feet high onto your bed. Are you already cringing in fear and pain? Well what you imagined might become a reality if you do not leave enough space.

So when storing your beloved bed and study desk away, always make sure to keep space.