Qualities Of A Good Oral Translator

When it comes to language services, we can divide these services mainly into two categories. Written translation and oral translation are these two categories. Compared to the other, the first category can be said to be less difficult as one gets time to gather information, check for difficult words and get the help of an expert in the field when doing the translation. However, when it comes to oral translation, one has to present the final product at the same moment as the original product is given. Anyone can understand that this is a harder task. Link here https://dubai-translationservices.ae/portfolio-item/technical-translation-services/ to gain ideas about technical translation services.

At present most of the languages services companies provide interpretation services too. However, one has to be absolutely sure of their choice when choosing an interpreter so as not to be humiliated in front of others when using such a professional.

Knowledge of Both Languages

Obviously, any translator should have knowledge of both the source and target languages. When hiring a professional to translate a document you are facing an advantage as you can get the mistakes corrected if there are mistakes. However, with an interpreter there is no time to correct mistakes. The professional you hire must have an extensive knowledge of both languages to produce an error-free outcome at the first effort.

Rapid Translation Skills

Imagine you are hiring a professional for Arabic English translation at a conference. You are hiring that person to translate a speech while the speaker is speaking. A good interpreter will have rapid translation skills, which means he or she will be able to translate what the speaker says as soon as the speaker ends each sentence. If the speaker has to waiting for about five minutes after every sentence so that the interpreter can translate it, then the professional you hired is not good enough. You have to pay attention to this fact when hiring a good oral translator.


In any field experience plays a major role in improving one’s skill set. In the oral translating world, experience plays a very important role because an interpreter can only enhance his or her skills by actually practising their craft. This means if an oral translator has more experience, there is a larger probability of him or her being good in his or her job. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to the experience of the oral translator you are thinking of hiring.

If an oral translator or an interpreter has good knowledge in both source and target languages, has rapid translation skills and has a lot of experience then he or she can be known as a good oral translator.