Pay Attention To These Points When Submitting Corporate Legal Documents

The preparation and submission of legal documents is a necessary evil that every listed company has to endure. Although this is a problematic area, it has to be done one way or another as legal documents are required for almost every business process to fall into place ranging from product licenses to termination of employment contracts. If you find yourself in the middle of a document submission, then here are a few things you need to pay attention to;

Documentation Process and Timely Filing Deadlines

Proper attention should be paid to the guidelines outlined by the authorities you need to submit certain corporate documents to. The documentation process may not be as simple as gathering up all the documents and walking over to the office of the relevant authority. You may need to fill out additional forms, get photocopies of your documents, and get them signed or attested from authorised personnel, get stamps or seals on the documents from other establishments and hand in additional documents if necessary. Also, there could be timings that the authority allows for documents to be handed in and deadlines that you need to meet. So you need to familiarise yourself with these guidelines before submitting the documents.

The Correct Terminology and Language/s to be used

One of the areas that most companies find themselves making mistakes in when submitting legal documents, is not using the accepted language/s that the documents should be in. For most documents, the standard language used is English. For example, Russian translation in Dubai to English would be necessary if yours is a Russian company operating in a foreign country which has its original documents typed in your native language. However, this is not trues for all parts of the world.

Some countries require all corporate documents to be typeset and submitted in the local language. In this case, you will need to get certified translations of all your official company papers. You will need to get them translated from a proper certified and sworn linguist as the specific terms used in the original documents need to be translated accurately.

Recording and Maintaining Key Documents

As the need for legal documentation will arise periodically while your business in is operation, it is essential that you maintain records of all your key corporate documents for future use. These documents include your original business plan, any formal revisions made to said business plan, taxation and proof of payment, meeting minutes of meetings held among key decision makers of the business, employment contracts, standard operating procedures outlined for different roles and departments, online terms and conditions of use including the privacy policy if your business operates online, etc. Maintaining these documents will help you with any possible legal procedures in the future.