Enjoying Beyond The Lands Of Sand – Activities Offered By Tour Companies

When you think or hear the word ‘safari’, many things would pop into your head. Some of you might think of a jungle adventure, waterparks and so on. However, this article is all about the safaris that people enjoy in the lands of sand. In fact, there are many top travel deals offering this type of tour. Given that, if you’re looking forward for an experience beyond a drive, you’ve come to the correct page. In fact, at present, there are plenty of activities that are organized in these tours. Are you interested in knowing what these activities are?

As a fact, you’d be able to select between various deals and plan the exciting day. With that said, it’s an opportunity to learn about another culture and enjoy the hospitality. It’s a good change once in a while, away from busy shopping malls, loud entertainment music and so on. If you’re willing to spend extra and enjoy a wonderful trip around, there are some suggestions. Here are the trending activities you should try out:

• The drive!

Different packages allow clients to enjoy short to longer rides in and around the dunes and fine sand. Therefore, decide if you only want to spend a few hours with limited drive, choose to tour during the sunset and so on. You could check out the morning, evening desert safari price or other deals.

• Camel rides

Take a ride on the back of the ancient ‘ships of the deserts’, which are none other than the camels. These animals are still popular and used in the deserts today. Moreover, you could take back memories home, while getting a photograph captured outside the tent.

• Wear the traditional dress and get henna patterns

Get into the traditional clothing of the Arabians and capture some pictures of the newly tried style. Furthermore, there are many artists who would adorn your hands with detailed henna patterns too.

• BBQ and refreshments

For those who opt for the evening, overnight or hummer packages could enjoy a scrumptious Arabian styled BBQ meal and refreshments. The juicy and delicious foods served is of top quality and the belly dancing show adds to the overall Dubai desert safari adventure.

• Sand activities

Coming to the most exciting and important piece of information, apart from dune bashing, here’s what’s in store for attractive rates;

– Sand boarding

– Quad biking and more.

When you’re thinking of touring and looking forward to a great outdoors trip, consider the aforementioned activities. Some of the above are included in packages, while others can be done for an additional cost. So, are you ready for a desert adventure? Dress lightly, grab your sunglasses, enjoy the bounces and capture the spectacular views.