4 Mistakes People Generally Make When Applying For Visa

Visa application is a complicated process, and no doubt, if you find yourself travelling often to foreign lands or expecting to migrate to another country for good, you will be no stranger to the amount of time, effort and money that goes into the process. This amount of time, effort and money is doubled and sometimes tripled if the application is rejected and the whole tedious process has to be repeated. And what’s more, rejected visa applications from certain countries can leave permanent black marks on your record. Oops… So what really goes wrong when it comes to applying for visa? Here are a few common mistakes most applicants seem to make and how you can avoid them;

1. Overstating their Reasons for Migrating

Cardinal Rule Number One: don’t oversell. Looking too eager to migrate, will only rouse suspicion and therefore work as a disadvantage to you. You need to sound calm and cool on your paper application as well as any interviews you might have to face. Clearly state your genuine reasons for migrating. Canada immigration consultants in Dubai will guide you through which points need to be highlighted and which need to be omitted when it comes to justifying your reasons for migrating to their country.

2. Understating their Qualifications

Just as you should not overdo your reasons, you should not underdo your personal qualifiers either. It is fraudulent to state that you have any educational or professional qualifications above what you actually have, so doing that is a very bad idea. If you are found out, your application may be rejected and you may even permanently lose the ability to reapply for visa to that country. However, that should not stop you from presenting all possible reasons why you are in fact a suitable candidate for permanent residency or citizenship.

3. Misunderstanding the Legal Requirements

Some visas may entail the need to meet some legal requirements in the form of police clearance reports, documents which need to be certified and attested by an attorney, a letter of guarantee from your current municipality, etc. You can look for the guidance of immigration lawyers Dubai when dealing with the legal aspect of the visa because they will be better equipped to understand what is required and also to advise you on which course of action to pursue.

4. Failing to Meet All Specified Criteria

Some people think that they will get a visa by meeting not all but some of the criteria specified in the visa requirements. Especially when it comes to a specified amount of money that should be at your disposal in a bank account or credit card, some may think they will be able to get the visa anyway even if they have only a fraction of the required amount. However, this is not possible in most cases. Countries have tightened their visa regulations in recent years and therefore pay very close attention to whether or not an individual who wants to enter their country first meets the outlines criteria. So make sure you meet all of them and show sufficient evidence to support that you do before you hand in your visa application. Best of luck!